7 Things You’ll Realise If You’re a Student Abroad in England

This article was originally written for Her Campus (City University London). To access the original version, please click here.

Studying abroad can be a hard decision to make. You may hesitate, ask loads of questions about your future… But when you’ll get to a city like London, you will definitely not regret your choice. Here are 7 things you will find worth living the adventure.

1. You will learn how to get lost alone

If you’re already getting lost in your small hometown, make sure you have a map of London with you at all times. At the beginning you will get lost just because you didn’t mean to go there, then you’ll get lost because you wanted to discover the inner part of the city on your own… and then remembered your bad sense of orientation.

2. Your English level will purely skyrocket

It’s the power of being in total immersion in the country and speaking English all day long. You’ll learn loads of new – and useful – words as well as funny expressions you’d probably use to impress your family when coming back home.

3. You will discover how it is being at Uni in London

London is so exciting that you’ll feel like going out all the time, discovering the city and going to endless parties. But you’ll also need to complete your essays and other works and exams. Mix all this, and you’ll probably repeat, “I feel exhausted!” several times a day. But don’t worry, you’ll have loads of fun in both cases!

4. You will discover such fantastic places

Simply because it’s London. It’s a lively city where you can find almost everything. As a famous quotation says: “When you are tired of London, you’re tired of life!” Indeed, you’re going to discover hidden, fun and crazy places. One piece of advice: remember to always have your camera with you, you may find a strange or beautiful thing that will be one of your best memories from your formidable experience.

5. You will realise how your family and friends are important

Being away from them will make you realise how important they are. This is when you thank the inventor of Skype, Viber and other applications! Sometimes, you’ll probably miss all of them, want to hear their voices, and then you’ll see how good it is to be able to hug them when you are back home.

6. You will meet incredible people from all over the world

London is a well-known international place where many cultures create a “melting pot”. You’ll meet people from all around the world with whom you’ll share at least three years of study, if not more. Take it as a great occasion to share your cultures, your ways of life and, of course, some giggles and unforgettable memories.

7. You will probably become a real Londoner… with its nervous moments

Tube troubles, people walking too slowly for you, the cost of living… Yes, there are some annoying things in London as in every metropolis, but you’ll get used to them, and as a result you’ll turn into a real Londoner, finding some tricks whenever possible.

This is why you will definitely fall in love with London as soon as you will get to know it, living at its rhythm.

Enjoy your time there and make the most of it!



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